Here are the CORE BELIEFS that this ministry holds to:

1. Faith in the LORD Jesus Christ by Grace is the only way to attain eternal salvation, therefore we will unashamedly preach the Gospel and seek to win more converts to Christ.

2. The Holy Bible is verbally inspired; therefore, we will follow its commands, teachings and principles to the best of our abilities.

3. God continues to function supernaturally upon the Earth; therefore, we, His children, will pursue the supernatural in our lives. 

4. The principle way that God operates is through His Body, the Church; therefore, each member must know their place and strive to fulfill their God given function.

5. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is returning to the earth like He left; therefore, our job is to prepare ourselves and the world for His return.   

6. The finished work of Christ provides healing, deliverance and provision for us in our daily walk; therefore, we will unapologetically pursue these manifestations in our lives.

7. Every believer is a minister; therefore, we will prepare every believer by discovering, training for and assisting them in walking in their respective ministry.

8. God placed fivefold ministers to help equip the Body; therefore, we will honor, receive from and follow the direction of those leaders God brings to us or raises up in our midst. 

9. When people receive Christ, regardless of background, race or ethnicity, they become One New man in Christ, members of His Body; therefore, we will recognize, encourage and support our fellow members from every background.

10. God brings judgment to the world, punishing the unrepentant, perfecting His children and rewarding the faithful; therefore, we admonish all to reverently fear and serve Him.